Lucky & Luna in ancient Egypt

“Lucky & Luna in ancient Egypt” is the first exciting adventure for our two heroes. In this episode, Lucky, the Labrador, and Luna, the cat, land in the ancient Egypt of the child pharaoh Tutankhamun. There they come across a dangerous band of cats, make friends with the family of mice and set out to rescue Tutankhamun from a dangerous conspiracy with the help of the little mouse Tetisheri and the camel Thutmosis.

The story has been written in age-appropriate rhyme and professionally recorded. The beautiful illustrations bring ancient Egypt back to life.

Additionally to the story, children learn everything there is to know about ancient Egypt by a wealth of supplementary information that can be called up. Just by clicking on the information button attached to an object (such as the pyramids), a person (like Tutankhamun), an animal (like crocodiles) or Professor Cleverclogs himself important historical background information will be displayed. This information can either be read by the children or be read out to them. In this way children are given historical knowledge appropriate to their age in a playful and entertaining way.