• Where can I download the app and on what devices can I read the Lucky & Luna books?
    You can download the app in the App- and Google Play Store. Furthermore, you can read them as iBooks from the iBook Store. The books can be read on all iPads, on the iPhone 5 or younger and on all Android tablets or phones version 6 or younger.
  • How much are the books?
    The story „Lucky & Luna- Lost in Time“ is for free. All the other books are 5,99€ or 6,99$ each.


  • What happens with my downloaded books after an update?
    All your data of the old app will be transferred to the new App and will be at your disposal after an update.
  • My book doesn’t have sound.
    Please check if your side switch is set to mute in the device settings and see whether it may be locked.
    If this is not the case, please try to double push the home button, do a left swipe in the appearing bottom bar on the screen, and check if the sound icon at the very left is showing muted and if so, tap it to unmute.
    Please also check that Settings > General > Sounds that the buttons are set to “on”.
  • My App crashes.
    Check that your device is running on the latest firmware.
    If the App still crashes, please turn off your device and turn it back on.
    Close all Apps running in background before starting the App.
  • My child accidentally erased the App. How do I get it back?
    Open the App Store on your device. Please make sure you are signed in with the same Apple ID that was used for the original purchase – you won’t be charged again
    Tap on Purchased from the bottom navigation bar
    Locate the App in your Purchased list
    Tap the download button and download the App.
  • Can I read my Lucky & Luna books on another device (e.g. on my iPhone)?
    Sure. As long as your devices are all linked to the same iTunes or Google Play Store account, you can access your books on all of them.

Vouchers, Recommendations & Gifts:

  • Where do I insert my gift voucher?
    Please open the App Store. On the bottom of the page you can choose to insert a voucher code.
  • How can I recommend the App or send someone a Lucky & Luna book as a present?
    Please open the App in the App- or Google Play Store. Click on the Forward symbol on the right upper-hand side next to the book title. You can now either recommend the App to someone via Message, copied link or Mail or you can send someone a present.
  • How can I rate the App?
    You can either rate the App in the App- or Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can rate it at the end of each book, in the imprint section, by clicking on „Rate this App“. This will again lead you to the App- or Google Play Store.