Reading for you and your child

The Lucky & Luna app is designed to help your child learn in an easy and child friendly way that history is made up of stories. The stories are intended for preschool and primary school children and can be read out loud.

Child friendly knowledge

In addition to the stories the app gives you lots of background information which is historically based but presented in a child-friendly way. This information can also be read out to the children

Our Heroes



Lucky is a clumsy little Labrador who goes through life with great enthusiasm greeting everyone with his wagging tail. What he can't stand is unfairness! It's no joke to him and he's quite likely to growl and maybe even show his teeth. When Lucky is not fighting for justice then he is on the prowl for food or annoying his adoptive sister Luna with lots of questions…



Luna is a clever cat who is skeptical about everything and has lots of critical questions. She doesn't like it at all if people are silly and can even show her claws. Once she is certain about something then it is very difficult to change her mind. She is a clever cat and, for that reason, thinks that she is always right.


Professor Cleverclogs

Professor Cleverclogs is a very clever inventor. Amongst other things he has invented a time machine in which his cat Luna and his little dog Lucky are travelling through time. You can find out how they got trapped in the machine in the free story “Lucky & Luna: Lost in Time”. Professor Cleverclogs pops up in the other stories whenever there is exciting historical information to be learned.

The team


Aglaia Kageneck

Concept, Author and Marketing

As a child Aglaia was fascinated by history. When her parents read to her she could see the stories in her mind and made up historical adventures for her fictional heroes. That's why it came as no surprise to anyone when she studied history and politics after her A-levels and graduated with an MA from the University of Freiburg and an MPhil from the University of Oxford. After working as a management consultant and in various different branches of marketing she has finally returned to her first love. She hopes that Lucky & Luna will help to wake in other children the same passion for history and stories that she has. She has created this easily accessible interactive book series in a contemporary format which can be accessed by the children themselves and expanded according to their wishes. Aglaia’s next story will soon be translated into English and will take the children into the exciting world of ancient Rome!
Melanie Budinger

Melanie Budinger

Illustration, Graphics and Technical production

Melanie studied communication design at the Technical College in Trier and graduated in 2010 with a diploma in book design and illustration. After that she moved from the beautiful area of the Hunsrück to Berlin where she works as a freelance designer and illustrator. She was keen to take up the offer of illustrating a digital children's book. She soon fell in love with the project and, in close corporation with the author, Aglaia, shaped the main characters and colourful illustrations and, using PubCoder, put the whole children's book app into action.
Her love for the project is undiminished and she is excited to see what colourful adventures Lucky & Luna are going to have!
Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson


Peter left school at 16 and became a bandsman in the British Army. He very much enjoyed marching around in a blue uniform and a busby hat playing the tuba and for 5 years he was based in Dortmund in Germany. He learned German there and after leaving the army he mucked around driving lorries and demolishing houses before he went to university and studied German and then became a university lecturer. He is now a literary translator and writer and has enjoyed learning all about Lucky and Luna's adventures on their travels through time and has had great fun translating it all into English!

Xenia Arnim


Xenia trained at East 15 Drama School in London, graduating in 2007. Her specialities are classical theatre, accent work, voiceovers, clowning, general silliness, and dance (she trained in flamenco and ballet at the Escuela de Baile in London from the age 18). The daughter of an English conductor father and German photographer mother, Xenia grew up in East Sussex but since 2008 has settled in Berlin with her husband and together they have three children. In her spare time (which is nonexistent) she writes. Moreover, she miraculously managed to find the time to bring the English version of the Lucky & Luna adventures to life with her unique voice and superb acting qualities.

Valeska Rautenberg

Sound Scoring & Luna’s voice

Valeska is a truly multitalented person! She is a singer, composer and teacher. She writes, arranges music, is a ghost writer, teaches piano, singing, voice projection and body language and on top of that she is a voice-over artist. At the moment she is working on an album that she hopes will sound like her. It contains elements of Triphop and jazz as well as field recordings from her travels but, above all, her own personal sound and her “storytelling”. You can hear excerpts from this album here: SOUNDCLOUD News about her music, live appearances and other projects can be found on her HOMEPAGE She has lent her unique voice to Luna and other characters in the books. In addition, she took on the difficult tasks of directing and coaching as well as editing the soundtrack. It is thanks to Valeska that the lines on the page have come to life and the individual characters have their own unique personality, lead, of course, by Queen Luna…
Jesse Townsend

Jesse Townsend

Lucky’s voice

Jesse grew up in Canada, on a beautiful farm near Toronto where he spent his childhood exploring the countryside and experiencing a lot of adventures with his many animals like his chicken Boo and his hedgehog Ruth. When he grew older he decided to explore the world and all the interesting facets of life. He worked as a chef for many years and used his love for science to invent many wonderful things. His theory about fire burning at 0 gravity even got tested on an international space station! One fine day, he met a lovely German girl and decided to follow his heart and move to Berlin. There they live a happy life with their beautiful daughter Matilda. Jesse was not only the ideal cast for Lucky because Labradors are from Canada. His zest for life and enthusiasm perfectly animated our young hero! When listening to Jesse one can’t but love the little Labrador!

Christoph Drobig

Various Voice Roles

Christoph is a qualified swimming pool builder, voice artist and actor. He comes from a tiny hamlet of seven people in Saxony Anhalt in the east of Germany. At the age of six he was given his first pony because he didn't have any other friends. He would occasionally ride to school on the pony wearing a cowboy outfit made for him by his grandmother. Tina, the pony, would be tied up to the bike racks while he went to lessons. When he was 12 he converted an old east German Trabant into a stunt car. Making things is his great passion. In his life he has made not only liver sausage and other things disappear from festival stands but has also hijacked a beer lorry, worked as assistant to Bill Murray and Jackie Chan’s stunt team, is a writer and a product developer, has worked on a building site, was a member of the special forces, drove lorries and diggers, designed the Bud Spencer restaurant for Bud Spencer, studied medicine for three days and has had over 100 other jobs. He loves his parents above all things. He also loves his grandparents above all things. He also loves and tries to live social justice. He now lives happily and contentedly as an actor and voice-over artist for films, television, radio, and adverts. Additionally to Lucky’s German voice he lends his great voice in English to many smaller roles.